J. Palmer


Part space cowboy, part urban cowboy, part countryboy, part cityboy, and all music, all the time, Jared, or “J.” as he is known, has enjoyed a lengthy and diverse career in the music industry. Growing up in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, in the state of Mississippi, provided the perfect place to plant deep roots in the variety of intense musical styles from a state famously known as the birthright of some of the most powerful influences in the history of popular music.

  Having had the opportunity to feel the Blues, crank up some Rock, and twang a bit of Country in rowdy roadhouses, provided quite a startling contrast to a relocation to Los Angeles, for a residency of 24 years in the high-end music industry. Providing accompaniment to television and recording stars, and years spent in the Nevada show circuit, pretty much completed the task of rounding out a hands on approach to the old “Been there, done that”.

  Comfortable on both sides of the “Camera”, it became second nature to know what all the buttons do, which ones to push, and when to push them. As a bassist, whose job it is to make somebody else look good,�� “J.” found the public always responsive to a roll your sleeves up and get to work approach, and now continues to apply that back home in the South.

  Both demanding, and rewarding, running a studio, a sound company, and steady live performance dates, can really keep the books filled, but that’s the way it is in this business. A motto of: “Take care of business, and it will take care of you”, is only surpassed by “It’s all about the Music”. 

  A passion for working at “Songfarm Studios”, keeps the creative fires burning, and producing other artists is a welcome challenge.  The art of writing is still the juice that fuels the music industry, and has kept J. motivated, and moving toward the future. Time produces continual changes in the world of musical trends, and adaptation is key to success