SongFarm Studios entered production in Los Angeles, California in 1999. Originally intended as the personal songwriting workstation for bassist-singer Jared Palmer, the studio has grown exponentially. As modern digital music production morphed from various elementary beta level sequencer boxes, and drum machines, so did SongFarm. From employing an Atari Falcon030, at the time the most innovative recording computer available, then it was on to virtually every succeeding generation of Apple Desktops as they grew in power and capability. Decades spent exploring editing options have now proven to be the template for how modern digital studio generate product, and the quest to acquire quality modern and vintage recording equipment gives SongFarm genuine capacity to perform in limitless circumstances. Bringing old school values together with cutting edge levels works hand in hand with what today’s artists require. If we have it, we will use it. If we don’t have it, we will go get it. If we go get it, we get only the best. No compromises, only results! Come see us, and bring something to make music with.